Electric Guitars

Craftsmanship. Tone. Playability.

Building an instrument that stands out among others demands quality materials and an attention to detail that is often overlooked. All selected tone-woods are thoroughly dried and stabilized over a period of time, even if originally kiln dried at source. After timbers have acclimatised in the workshop, often for over a year, they are ready to work. This process of careful selection, drying and acclimatisation helps to produce guitars with long term stability, resonance and responsiveness and ultimately the creation of instruments of enduring value.

Though most of my electric guitars have a familiarity of form, the designs have evolved through the past 25 years of practising my craft. I produce four models, two bolt-ons and two set-necks. A wealth of available options can be chosen across the range to help produce a unique and individual instrument capable of covering a lot of musical styles.

Wood, metal and wire, combined with skill, craftsmanship and experience to produce an elegant, functional, and truly special guitar.

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