A 72 Custom T is Born

Following on a theme, I recently started a commission for another Custom T but, this time built around the original 72 Deluxe idea and to be finished in black.

The body is made from two pieces of American Red Alder, joined and then thicknessed on the drum sander. Alder is a traditional solid body tonewood which is resonant and has a pretty even response across the frequency range.

72 Custom T body blank - Williams Guitars

Two piece Alder body blank glued up and ready to work.

With the alder glued it’s thicknessed to a little over its finished dimension. The blank is then left for at least a few days to settle and then thicknessed again, to final dimension.

Thicknessing the body blank - Williams Guitars

Sander thicknessing the body blank.

The blank is then cut out on the bandsaw to a little oversize. All being well, the blank is machined to its finished shape and has the neck, control, and pickup cavities cut on the router.

72 Custom T, routing the front cavities - Williams Guitars

Routing the front body cavities.

When the cavity routing is done the body edges are rounded over on the router table and the back ‘belly cut’ is then carved.

72 Custom T, rounding the body edges - Williams Guitars

Rounding the body edges on the router table.

The belly carve is cut with a microplane rasp and then finished off with a cabinet scraper.

72 Custom T,scraping the belly carve - Williams Guitars

Finish scraping the belly carve.

Once done, its down to finishing off and sanding before final prep and spraying.

72 Custom T finish sanded body - Williams Guitars

Body sanded and ready for spraying prep.

The hardware for this build has arrived and I have to say i’m keen to try the pickups, a pair of mini ‘wide range’ humbuckers built in the traditional way from Jaime at The Creamery. The bridge and tuners are from Hipshot in the USA, the bridge includes stainless steel saddles for improved resonance and response.

72 Custom T body and hardware - Williams Guitars

The body, before completion with some of the hardware.

Time to get on and make a neck for this now. I already have a nice piece of birdseye maple set aside for this.

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