Custom T Done 568x240

Custom ‘T’ Ready for Finishing

In a previous post the Custom T body was machined and near completion. The neck has been catching up over the last few days and is now pretty much complete. Unlike a traditional T style guitar the neck is built around a 25″ scale. The neck itself is carved from a prime board of Birdseye Maple and has a slightly …

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J Bass 568x240

J Bass Build Update

Having built basses for Overwater for nearly 20 years, I’ve tended to shy away from the bass world as far as my own work goes, with only a limited number of instruments made. This is the first in a number of years and as such I guess a prototype. Evolving from the well known ‘J’ theme, it’s a 5 string …

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Custom T 568x240

Custom ‘T’ Build Progress

Work on the custom “Tele” style guitar has been progressing, with the body cut out and finished today. All thats needed now is the holes drilled for the relevant electrics and, final sanding and spraying prep work. The body may look like it’s one piece but it is made up from two pieces of light weight Swamp Ash. Custom ‘T’ …

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Lil '58 ten years old - Williams Guitars

Work in Progress

It’s been a busy time recently, with a bit of workshop reorganisation, wood sourcing and some design time. Work has started on two commissioned guitars, a Lil’58 which will be black and ivoroid bound with bound rosewood board and, a custom 25″ scale ‘Tele Delux’ style guitar in Swamp Ash which will be loaded with a pair of Bare Knuckle …

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Guitar Buyer Magazine cover

Guitar Buyer Magazine – Evo Pro Review

The Evo Pro guitar, featured in the recently concluded build diary, has now been reviewed by Guitar Buyer Magazine. The review has a very positive vibe and concludes with a Guitar Buyer rating of 5/5! Joe Satriani is the cover artist and the magazine features interviews with Steve Vai, Al Di Meola and Steve Howe, gear reviews, news and instructional …

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Fretting the neck

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 9

Things have been a bit hectic of late so apologies for being a bit slow in progressing with the build diary. Now we jump into the all important neck carving and fretting stage. From my point of view, as a luthier, this is the stage where a guitar blossoms or dies. A bit like when you have a bit of …

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Cutting out the neck

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 8

With the neck blank prepared in the last installment of the Evo build diary, I can now cut out the neck and prepare and glue on the fingerboard. Bear with me, this episode of the build diary may get a bit drawn out! The fingerboard is going to be Rosewood and bound with Rosewood too, this means no fret ends …

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