Lil 58 Pro Pt2 568x240

Lil ’58 Pro Build Update

Work on the Lil ’58 Pro has been progressing of late so I thought i’d take the chance to show how the build has developed since the gluing up of the body blank. Rough cutting the Lil 58 body shape on the bandsaw. With the Lil 58 body blank glued up last time, the serious machining starts. Initially the body …

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Lil 58 Pro Pt1 568x240

Lil ’58 Pro Build

Yesterday I started a build for a customer in Hong Kong, this will be joining the Evo that graced those shores earlier this year. Being a Lil ’58 Pro, the guitar will feature a mahogany body with a premium quilted maple carved top. The neck will be maple and will feature a chinese dragon inlay in the birdseye fingerboard. Sidewynder …

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72 Custom T Sanding 568x240

A 72 Custom T is Born

Following on a theme, I recently started a commission for another Custom T but, this time built around the original 72 Deluxe idea and to be finished in black. The body is made from two pieces of American Red Alder, joined and then thicknessed on the drum sander. Alder is a traditional solid body tonewood which is resonant and has …

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Living With - Williams Guitars

Guitar Buyer – Living With

Issue 123 of Guitar Buyer magazine included the launch of a new column, ‘Living With’. The monthly feature looks back at gear that has been reviewed previously and reflects on current thoughts after using and ‘living with’ it for a while. In this issue the Evo Pro is revisited and, though brief concludes with high praise indeed. On a similar …

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Lil58 Volute Shaping 568x240

Lil ’58 Build Update

The Lil 58 build has moved on quite a bit and is drawing to a close as far as the woodwork aspect goes. Since my last post, the body has been bound and the neck is nearing completion. The body is bound in 2mm thick grained ivoroid which is glued and taped as I work round the body. In order …

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Lil58 Build 568x240

Lil ’58 Build Progress

It’s been a little while since I last posted some news, seem to be very busy at the moment with all manner of repairs and replacement neck builds. The ‘T Delux’ is currently in the paint shop and i’ll be colouring it at the end of this or early next week. I’ll post more on this as it happens. In …

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Ripping J Bass Neck Stock - Williams Guitars

J Bass Build Progresses

The Custom ‘T’ has now started the finishing process which means I can now move on to other projects. The J Bass build started a while ago and has seen the body machined up to the point of a few minor operations such as routing of the battery box cavity. In the meantime I have made a start  preparing the …

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