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Guitar Buyer Living With - Williams Guitars
Issue 123 (Nov 2011) of Guitar Buyer Magazine included a new regular feature ‘Living With’. In this first column they take a look at the Evo Pro reviewed previously and see if it still hits the right buttons. Also in the same issue, the all new ‘Guitar Buying Guide’ included the Evo Pro at number three in the Professional section and referred to it as “one of the best Superstrat-style guitars we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.” The guitar currently features in the Buyers Guide on a monthly basis.

The article is now available to read here, in PDF format so you’ll need a relevant viewer to open the article.

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Guitar Buyer Magazine Review

Guitar Buyer Evo Pro Review - Williams Guitars


Issue 121 (Sept 2011) of Guitar Buyer Magazine featured an indepth review of an Evo Pro guitar. The article is now available to read here, in PDF format so you’ll need a relevant viewer to open the article.


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Play Music Magazine Evo Pro Review

Play Music Magazine writer and contributer Hayden Hewitt has had an Evo Pro to get to grips with and review for the Play Music website. The Evo review is the first of four videos to be released covering some of the best of British custom makers. The guitar itself is the plum Evo Pro seen on the available now page and also in a couple of other videos that Hayden has produced whilst he had the guitar for review (yes, he liked it that much!). You will find the guitar featured on the Play Music website ‘Tips and Tricks‘ section in the ‘Video Vault’ and also in the Ernie Ball Dreamscape Challenge mentioned below on his own personal YouTube channel (Haydensmusic). Also available now on the shelves is Guitar Buyer Magazine (Issue 121) which, also features an Evo Pro review and concludes with a 5/5 GB rating. Well worth a read!

Hayden Hewitt – Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Hayden Hewitt, writer and contributor for Play Music Magazine, Guitar Buyer Magazine and more, offers up a preview of his Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge entry. In this clip Hayden is playing an Evo Pro guitar with American Poplar body and quilted Mahogany top, pickups are made by Sidewynder here in the UK. This is the same guitar that is featured on the Available Nowpage but the original neck single coil pickup has been replaced with a humbucker and the wiring changed accordingly. Positions two and four of the selector enable coil tap of the bridge and neck humbuckers respectively with the middle single coil on also, position three enables both humbuckers together but tapped so just the screw coils are on. The neck humbucker can be coil tapped independently via the push/push switch on the volume control.

Gary Dewhurst – Eden Acoustic Demo

Here we have some audio samples of an Eden acoustic guitar, as featured on the Eden web page, with Ziricote back and sides and German Spruce soundboard. These recordings are all original compositions written, recorded and mastered over a period of just a few evenings by Gary Dewhurst, a Carlisle based guitarist and owner of an early Eden with Tazmanian Blackwood back and sides. All tracks were recorded with a single AKG C3000B mic at a distance of 40cm. EQ was left flat. A touch of compression was used for mastering.

  • In Each Others Way: tuning CGCGCD
  • Valley of the Tears: tuning DGDGCD
  • Coming Home: tuning EADGBE
  • For the Things We’ve Lost: tuning DGDGCD with Capo at the 6th fret

Please be aware of the limitations of built in computer speakers etc. The bit rate for all tracks is 192kbps. For a higher quality CD of these tracks please enquire. Many thanks to Gary for his time, effort and generosity. A true gentleman.

All tracks copyright Gary Dewhurst and Williams Guitars, used by permission only.