Building an instrument that stands out among others demands quality materials and an attention to detail that often gets overlooked. My tonewoods are thoroughly dried and stabilized over a period of time, even if originally kiln dried at source. Excess moisture left in the timber only serves to dampen the resonance and muddy the potential tonality and responsiveness of a guitar.

I typically use maple for electric guitar necks, sometimes mahogany or wenge if they are better suited to achieving the desired tonality. In a similar fashion to my acoustic guitars I scarf joint headstocks for increased rigidity, strength, and material efficiency. Fingerboards are prepared and accurately slotted using cnc produced jigs. I am able to accommodate almost any scale length but offer 24.75″, 25″ and 25.5″ as standard.

My guitar bodies are largely machined using a combination of computer controlled machining techniques and hand work, this offers me a great deal of consistency in what I produce but with a required degree of flexibility. Necks are produced over-sized and finish carved and scraped by hand to achieve the desired feel and profile.

A wide choice of custom options are available, be it inlay work, fret board scalloping or through neck construction for example or, a completely ‘unique to you’ design and build.

Please contact me if you would like to place an order, discuss options or, for advice on a custom build.