About Haydn Williams - Williams Guitars
I was a teenager when I started messing about with guitars. Mostly playing them but, as time moved on I found myself increasingly modifying them, culminating in a shocking attempt at making an electric in my parents garage! After finishing my degree I moved to Cumbria and spent a couple of years working in the planning department of North West Water. It was at about this time that I had the urge to have a more serious attempt at building a guitar.

It was 1993 and I contacted The Overwater Guitar Company for advice, I built some of the guitar at their workshop and some at home. It wasn’t long before a natural talent for woodworking had been unearthed and I was building guitars and basses for Overwater full time. During this time I continued to experiment with my own electric and acoustic guitars, and develop the time served skill of understanding how different tonewoods interact with each other, both sonically and mechanically.

After nearly twenty years of building instruments at a professional level I am still learning my craft. Similar in a sense to how a musician is constantly learning, there is always something you haven’t played or heard. I use my experiences as a luthier to draw on materials, designs and construction techniques to produce the best instruments I can.

I build a relatively small number of instruments per year, I prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. Most of my work is built to order and to customer specification. A small number of stock instruments are produced and are listed on the Available Now page after or when near completion.