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Fretting the neck

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 9

Things have been a bit hectic of late so apologies for being a bit slow in progressing with the build diary. Now we jump into the all important neck carving and fretting stage. From my point of view, as a luthier, this is the stage where a guitar blossoms or dies. A bit like when you have a bit of …

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Cutting out the neck

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 8

With the neck blank prepared in the last installment of the Evo build diary, I can now cut out the neck and prepare and glue on the fingerboard. Bear with me, this episode of the build diary may get a bit drawn out! The fingerboard is going to be Rosewood and bound with Rosewood too, this means no fret ends …

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Cutting the headstock scarf joint

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 7

With the neck blank glued up and dimensioned to the appropriate size in Part 6 of the build diary, I can now cut the headstock section from the neck blank and glue on the headstock veneer. In the past I used neck blanks that were deep enough to cut the headstock out of in one piece. These days I prefer …

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Wenge neck blank glued and clamped

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 6

In previous articles of the Evo Pro build diary I have concentrated on the body. Well, that is pretty well done apart from final polishing so it’s now time to concentrate on the neck. I am building two necks for this guitar, one Maple and one Wenge so, in the diary you may see me working on one and then …

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