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Staining the guitar front

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 5

With the body fully sanded in Part 4 of the build diary, I now turn to staining the front and sealing in the colour with lacquer. As the back is not being coloured I start by masking the sides to ensure I don’t accidentally stain them. I mix the stains to the colour I want. In this case black but …

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Rounding over the back edge

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 4

In Part 3 of the build diary I cut out the body, machined the cavities and installed the binding. The binding is finished off using a cabinet scraper, both on the sides and the top. Scraping the binding with a sharp cabinet scraper. Once the top has been scraped nearly flush, I put the body through the drum sander one …

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Play Music Evo Pro final setup

Evo Pro Goes for Review

The first of two Evo Pro guitars is now finished and being sent for review today. The guitar has been seen here before, it’s on the Available Now page but has now been modified. Originally the body was routed for humbucker/single/single configuration but, for increased flexibility, I have routed the neck position to take a humbucker. The change in pickup …

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Routed Body Front 568x240

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 3

With the body blank prepared and glued, I can then move on to cutting out the shape and routing the pockets for pickups etc to suit the desired specification. First though the blank is marked out and roughly cut to shape with the bandsaw. Rough cutting the body shape with the bandsaw to just a few millimeters over size. When …

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Contouring Top 568x240

Evo Pro Build Diary – Part 2

Having prepared the body and top blanks in Part 1 of the build it’s now time to finish the Mahogany blank preparation and glue the quilted Maple top to the blank. The process starts with the rough sawing and carving of the Mahogany blank ¬†for the arm contour. The shape is rough cut on the bandsaw about 10mm oversize, it …

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